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 BOKO Rules

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PostSubject: BOKO Rules   Wed Nov 25, 2009 7:52 pm


These are rules of the game. By (GM)MrDude

If you dont follow them you will be warned first time and second time will be equal to ban.

1.Respect other players. Do not start killing them or insulting them.

2.Don't beg for items/equipment

3.Don't start asking moderators for releases/items/monster spawns.

4.Don't leave yourself afk (Away from keyboard) in entrances.

5.Don't glitch yourself inside monsters and start doing magic.

6.Don't take other people's drops if its against his own will.

7.Don't Spam/Flame. It will be equal to ban.

8.Don't use caps lock in your messages.Its annoying and pointless.

9.No swearing

10.Don't ask to be moderator/map developer/admin.We have enough already.If we need some it will be posted to forums.

11.If you did kill another person by accident then always apologize.
Remember if caught breaking a rule it will equal to ban!
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BOKO Rules
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