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 Controls-How to play and player CMD's

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PostSubject: Controls-How to play and player CMD's   Wed Dec 16, 2009 10:25 pm

Arrow Keys - To move.
Enter - Used to pick up items on the map or to execute the words you typed in the chat box.
Shift - Hold down shift to run.
Ctrl - To attack
Insert - When you memorize a spell, you execute the Instert key to cast the spell.
f2- Uses a HP potion(S)
f3 - Uses a Mana Potion(S)
F5 - Guild Pannel.
F12 - To take a screenshot.

Player CMD

Must be in map chat to execute

/trade - allows to trade
/party - allows to party
/chat - allows you to talk privately with a player
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Controls-How to play and player CMD's
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